A day in my shoes, oops I mean boots

December 2, 2021

I am so sick of working from home.

So sick.





Is it me or is everybody suddenly so excited to commute and spend a day at the office? The world literally has turned upside down and going to the office suddenly feels like being a kid again joining your friends at the playground.

That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago. I carefully planned out my outfit the night before, packed my lunch, and excitedly set off to downtown Montreal for the day. 

Besides wearing a cute, yet still corporate appropriate dress, I also wore my amazingly comfortable VIVAIA black boots – they almost feel like I’m still in my home slippers. I needed a reason to dress up and what better reason than to spend a whole day in the company of actual human beings?

After a day of meetings, grabbing way too many coffees and catching up with colleagues, we went for the traditional ‘5 à 7’, which ended up being more of a 5 to ‘super late evening of drinks’. 

My boots kept me going all day, and now I wear them ALL the time. You’d think I don’t own any other shoes. I’m almost embarrassed.

With Christmas approaching, maybe it’s time to treat yo’ self. So if you feel like trying a pair out for yourself, use my code DA for a 20% discount until December 15. After that it’ll become 18%.  www.vivaiacollection.com

My VIVAIA boots and I went to bed feeling extremely fulfilled and happy that night. 

Who knew we could love going to the office so much? 

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