Welcome, rebels!

Let me start off by being completely honest: I often end up as surprised as everyone else about what comes out of my mouth, you’ll soon come to notice. I’ve travelled the world, lived in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, the likes of Paris, New York, London, to name a few; all my experiences have shaped me into becoming the woman I am today. Recently, I’ve been putting aside the banking world to focus more time on my creative outlet, The Rebel Chronicles.

This blog is for all those who believe in speaking their mind, expanding one’s horizons, and being a rebel of the mind. I strongly believe that women especially may not only be beautiful and exquisitely dressed, but they can be strong and intelligent as well. I believe in raising our young girls into strong, independent, confident, and kind women. A full closet may be great, but a full mind is equally as important.

Although my career has provided me with a plethora of skills, this blog has taught me creativity. It’s brought out the little curious girl in me again, and developed into a place where I share all that inspires me in terms of travel, fitness, and fashion, while sharing stories of successful women I meet along the way. My dream is to empower and nourish the mind of anyone that reads my posts, and hopefully make the world a happier and healthier place, one word at a time.

Enjoy, and stay awesome,