Dancing queen – not exactly seventeen

July 27, 2016

If only.

If only I had started dancing at a younger age! I would be a rockstar by now. I would be twirling around in tiny dance outfits all over the ballroom dance floor, with a lean rock-hard body, probably teaching others how to dance! Why did my parents have to enroll me in absolutely everything, except dancing! Ice skating, gymnastics, tennis, ballet, piano, all of which I totally sucked at. Note to self: if I have children, teach them to dance. I totally missed my calling.

I carried out my first ever choreographed solo performance show with my professional instructor two months ago at the Arthur Murray Showcase. There were judges, other dancers, friends, a full on audience. And I was squirming from being so damn nervous. But I nailed it. Not to toot my own horn, but there were people telling me how beautiful and memorable my performance was for weeks after the showcase. It felt good.

I’ll gladly admit it; I love showmanship. Listen, either go big or go home. Don’t half ass it. Give it your all. Feel the drama, feel the moment, and live the passion of the dance.

Whatever your hobby is, and I certainly do hope you have one, I strongly believe in giving it your all each and every time. And if you can push the limits and overcome some fears in the process, go for it. This experience personally taught me to stay calm and focused in front of a crowd, and I learnt some more advanced dancing skills in the process. And boy was I proud of myself afterwards.

Check out the pictures for yourself and don’t you dare say it doesn’t look dramatic.

THE solo tango performance

Some more ballroom dancing and attempts at looking hot


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