How to be a terrible model

June 8, 2016

I was asked to do my first ever photoshoot two months ago by my amazing friend and brilliant photographer Charbel Haddad. Little did I know, modelling is actually a tough job! It took 4 hours of shooting, countless encouraging words from my photographer, and many awkward shots, for us to get at least a few beautiful photographs, some of which I’ve showcased below.

Sure, lighting, clothes, makeup, all contribute to the making of a good image, but the model plays a central role in helping the photographer capture great shots.

Here’s what I learnt NOT to do while modelling:

1. Try to stay away from the sultry pouting the lips look. Okay, you personally think it looks good, but to the rest of the world you look like you have “RBF” as one of my friends likes to call it. That is Resting Bitch Face of course, where you unintentionally look angry and annoyed. A naturally relaxed face looks better.

2. Don’t stick your arms to your body. That makes you automatically appear to have fat arms. Even when you don’t.

3. Don’t look at a model’s photograph and simply assume you can imitate her. Yeah right. She’s a professional model, and well, you’re not. It certainly helps to have something to use as inspiration, but don’t get frustrated if what you look like doesn’t match the image.

4. Don’t go to the shoot without first having a shot of tequila. You need to be relaxed. The more anxious you are, the more it’ll show on the photographs. The whole experience should be playful and fun. I certainly wish I had taken a couple of shots prior.

5. Don’t stick to one pose. You could end up with dozens of the same boring shot. Move around, play with your hair, with your clothes, basically anything to help the photographer snap a variety of poses.



Stay tuned for many more fabulous fashion inspired photoshoots. I’m getting better, I promise.

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