Savor every bite

March 15, 2016

I was having dinner with my childhood friend Samira a few days ago when something suddenly dawned on me. Samira, her cousin, and I were eating after being famished for a few hours, and while her cousin and I scarfed down our food, Samira was still taking her sweet time eating her meal. Now as long as I can remember, Samira has always been that way. She’s probably the slowest eater I’ve ever met. But this time, I thought of asking her “Sam, why have you always been such a slow eater?” Her reply somewhat surprised me: “Cause I like to savor every bite and taste everything. I don’t know, but I’ve always been like this.”

Did I savor my meal? Hell no. Do I even remember how it tasted? Nope. Crap, I just ate because I was so hungry and thought I would faint immediately from the low blood sugar.

Her cousin chimed in “Its important to savor your food.” And Sam added, in true Sam fashion “And to savor each of life’s moments.”

Yeah, I know, cheese alert. Bring out the violin.

Interestingly enough though, for an extremely dynamic and usually inspired woman as myself, I couldn’t find anything inspiring to write about in the last few weeks. But this was my eureka moment. My friend Sam eating as slow as a snail made me realize that yes, life may be way too damn short. But it doesn’t mean we have to race through it in order to get everything done. Slow down, and stop for a moment to take it all in.

Yes, I’ve probably mentioned this in a couple of other posts before. I know what you’re thinking. But I don’t care. Sue me. And while you’re at it, savor these precious words:

1. Be present: Like really present. Not thinking about your grocery list or that argument you had with your husband or wife yesterday. Focus on what you’re doing in this specific instant. Which right now should be reading this post.

2. Disconnect: Put away your phone. It feels so good. I know I often tend to check my phone but I make the effort when with people to just leave it in my purse. Why do we always need to be at the mercy of people? How the hell did we live before the era of mobile phones? I miss those innocent days.

3. Focus on the people in front of you: Do you often find yourself talking to a friend but instead of focusing on the conversation you’re actually thinking about other things or checking out the people walking by you? Make a conscious effort to shut out the outside world and just be present with the person sitting next to you. It’s truly wonderful what you can learn when you truly listen to someone talking.

4. Eat slower: Yes Sam, this one is totally inspired by you! Instead of cramming everything down your throat, be mindful of each bite. Appreciate the flavors and textures. Not only will you appreciate your meal more, but you’ll probably get full faster, and slim down your waistline in the process. It’s a win win.

5. Find pleasure in everything you do: Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s something fun, like having drinks with friends, dancing to 80s music, or even a simple house chore, try to be fully present and appreciate each aspect of it. Doing things with love, attention, and care can truly change your life. I tried to find joy in doing the dishes the other day. Sure, I wouldn’t compare it to dancing the night away, but I did find some pleasure in watching the water run and carefully cleaning my porcelain dishes.

Live every day as if it were going to be your last; for one day you’re sure to be right.     – Harry Morant

2 thoughts on “Savor every bite”

  • It would be good to extend the joy to the other senses too! When you are in front of a nice scenery, stop and take the time to enjoy the view. When you smell a flower, take a few seconds more to appreciate the natural scent. And when you hear some nice sounds whether it is music of the singing of a bird try to properly listen to it and have a good time…

    • Exactly right! That’s what my post is all about. It’s about savoring every single moment, whether smelling a rose, or listening to a bird chirp. Completely agree!

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