Stylish must-have #11: The motorcycle jacket

January 13, 2016

Lately I’ve been spending weekends riding at the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle. Sure, he looks hot as hell in his motorcycle gear; I, on the other hand, have realized how desperately I need to up the cool factor on my own leather jacket. My outdated jacket just doesn’t cut it anymore. With so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to get lost. Hence I took it upon myself to do some fashion research while on holiday in Switzerland, because hey, what else is there to do in Zurich, seriously? I’ve compiled below some of my tips to get you on the right track to looking effortlessly badass in a motorcycle jacket.

1. Pick your style
A leather jacket should reflect your personality and character. Take your sweet time in choosing the right one. It’s totally okay to invest some hard earned money into it; we’re talking about a garment that should last you over a decade and that you may end up passing on to your children.

There are ever so many styles to choose from; I’ve listed just a few of them below.

– The classic biker jacket: Think James Dean or The Ramones. You’ll look like a serious rebel sporting one of these. Brands to look out for include Acne, ASOS and Givenchy. My personal favourite however remains Tom Ford.


– The motor cross jacket: This sportier look is meant to be extremely well fitted and should ideally be worn over very slim underlayer. Lanvin, Versace, and Saint-Laurent make some beautiful models, while Diesel offers a more affordable option.


– The classic bomber jacket: Usually this look has a collar, hem or cuffs made from cotton or wool. All Saints has a great style.

– The fencing jacket: This is a slim and form fitting jacket that usually has a high turtle-neck collar that opens up when unzipped. Check out some styles from Rick Owens, Vince, and of course the great Alexander Wang. My cousin and I made a special discovery by Manuel Facchini, an Italian designer.

2. Find your perfect fit

A good jacket should feel and look effortless, close to your skin, but not so tight that you can’t breathe. Make sure the sleeves reach your wrists without being any longer. Of course you should be able to move your arms freely as well, but not so freely that there are loose pieces of leather hanging around. Personally I would never buy a leather jacket online. You need to try it on first as every single style, size, and brand makes each jacket uniquely different.

3. Don’t be afraid to go for something vintage.

Rummage through your mother’s closet or a nearby vintage store and you may just find a hidden gem. I discovered a beautiful bomber jacket with retro lining in my aunt’s closet in Switzerland. Too bad I couldn’t sneak it out without her noticing.

A vintage leather jacket

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