Stylish must-have #12: The clutch

June 2, 2016

Fabulous accessories can instantly transform a simple outfit into a jaw dropping look. And one of these effective accessories is a clutch. It truly can add a sense of glamour to any outfit. And you don’t need to be going to the Oscars to wear one; grab a cute trendy one for lunch with the girls, or to an afternoon coffee meetup.

The clutch originated in the Victorian era, when proper ladies carried small bags to store their handkerchiefs and smelling salts. World War II transformed the clutch into a mainstrain staple as everything had to be rationed. When the rationing ended, women refused to let go of the clutch and it has now become an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe.

The typical clutch is small and has just enough room for credit cards, keys, a cell phone, and maybe lipstick. Now clutches come in many shapes and sizes, materials, and can be worn both at night and during the day.

Some tips:

  • Pick one up on your travels: I purchased a fabulous one while in Singapore. And you don’t have to go expensive. You’ll find the ultimate treasure finds at flea markets and vintage shops.
My Singaporean find

My Singaporean clutch

  • Try out some original designs with jewels, metallics, why not even wood!
  • Think of it as a piece of jewelry. You fit it snugly under your arm, and voila, instant chic.

My favorite clutches:

1. The YSL Classic Monogram clutch: Classy gals deserve classy things.


2. The Edie Parker box clutch: This one comes in so many varieties, and you can even personalize your very own clutch!

Edie Parker

3. The Kotur clutch: Whimsical with a touch of glamour. And so many styles to choose from.


4. The Alexander McQueen Knucklebox clutch: Dare to be different. I’m personally obsessed.

Alexander McQueen

5. The Bottega Veneta Knot clutch: My ultimate favourite for weddings and special occasions.

Bottega Veneta



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