Stylish must-have #9: Kaftans & beach cover ups

August 11, 2015

Now that my wonderful Greek holiday is over, I absolutely needed to get this post out before anyone else heads off on a late summer vacation forgetting a fashion must-have: the essential kaftan or beach cover up. And even if you’re not going anywhere, you ought to make sure you have a couple of these sitting in your closet ready for those sunny summer days. I’m lucky enough to live in Dubai, so every day happens to be a sunny day. Minus 3 or 4 rainy days a year.

We’ve already covered the all important bikini. But what about that beautiful piece of cloth that drapes elegantly over your body so that you can prance around looking sophisticated and demure? As I often say, you should always leave something to the imagination. And I absolutely love a stylish beach cover up.

Now I’m combining the kaftan, or as some others spell it “caftan” (no, I don’t know why there are two different spellings), and the all-encompassing beach cover up all in one, as both can be easily thrown over a bathing suit, in a stylish manner of course.

A kaftan, in case you didn’t know, is a sort of robe or tunic, which usually reaches the ankles, and has long sleeves. Its origins actually date back to Mesopotamian times. Kaftans are generally made of wool, silk, or cotton and should ideally look luxurious and flow with your every moment. You should feel beautiful and comfortable. Many wear them as an elegant form of every day dress.

The kaftans I’m specifically referring to are the ones that are meant for the beach, draping your body over your bikini. You can easily shop high end designer, or go for more simple designs at any high-street boutique, and still look fabulous. The first high end kaftans were initially showcased by Yves Saint Laurent, with Marrakech for inspiration. They suddenly became a hit in the fashion world.

A luxurious white kaftan by Pitusa

A luxurious white kaftan by Pitusa

Long dresses, beach jumpsuits, rompers, and many other designs also work for a more understated look. Should the kaftan just not be your cup of tea.

How to wear a fabulous kaftan/ cover up:

  • Ideally choose something of light fabric that is comfortable and loose as the whole point is to stay cool.
  • Wear with fun yet sophisticated accessories for an instant glam effect. A great cuff, bangles, stylish shades, even a fun hat. You’re at the beach, it’s ok to just have fun with your look.
  • I personally prefer to combine with flats.  I’m not a fan of going to the beach in heels yet I don’t frown upon it. Simple flip flops work for a casual look, and more lustrous flats for a glamorous effect. If you really insist on wearing heels, wedges are the way to go.
A fashionable cover up by my favourite Heidi Klein

A fashionable cover up by my favourite Heidi Klein

Now if I could only go back to Greece.

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  • The coastal region is the well known place for summer holidays. These short kaftans as a beach cover ups are good enough for the hot look.

    • Completely agree with you!

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