Trends at Fashion Forward Dubai

April 12, 2015

In case you’ve never heard of this phenomenon, Fashion Forward is a fashion event held in Dubai with the aim of promoting Middle Eastern designers and fashion movements. There are catwalk shows from top regional designers, panel discussions, and lots of beautiful people and partying! It’s like New York or Paris fashion week, Dubai style.

This was my first time attending as a blogger and I was damn excited.

The amount of beautiful people and outrageous outfits I saw was unbelievable. One gentleman was wearing a sparkly silver jacket with delicate butterflies of various colors sewed on to it. I also met these two beautiful Russian women, one of which turned out to be a beachwear designer. I swear they looked like dolls! The designer is on the right, her name is Ekaterina Terekhina and she even designed her lovely colorful skirt. Her friend, Diana Ganeeva, is simply gorgeous as well. I had to stop them to snap a picture. Real life dolls I tell you.


I spent a great deal of my first day in the Garden, which showcases a variety of accessory designers.

I discovered a couple of fabulous (and mildly strange) trends:

Cuff clutches
Not everyone is a fan, but I personally love the concept. Your clutch doubles as a fabulous jewelry accessory. I particularly liked these from the Cuff Collection by Rula Galayni. Her collection was hailed as the “it” bag of Paris Fashion Week 2014. Rula Galayini began in her native Lebanon before launching her playful pieces worldwide. She was born in Lebanon and raised in Canada, that may explain why I’m biased. I’m just in love.


Bunny ears 
Yes, I know, it sounds strange. And no, they’re not meant for your Halloween costume and they’re not just for Playbloy bunnies.

These lovely hair accessories are from
Bijoux Elle Italy. I’m still trying to figure out how I could incorporate them in every day life. One woman had it pinned down to perfection. She was wearing bunny ears and a leather choker that extended down to the middle of her blouse. I guess 50 shades of grey inspired a whole new fashion trend.
They also have beautiful bracelets and necklaces and the likes but I really want one of those bunny ears. Seriously. Who doesn’t like an accessory inspired by a cute furry animal?

I’m off to see some of the catwalk shows tonight. Stay tuned.

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