The best apps for busy women

October 27, 2017

Yep, there’s an app for absolutely anything. I mean anything. There’s even an app to notify you of the optimal potty break time during a movie. I’m one of those weird freaks that would probably download it. Let’s be honest, with all these features, it’s difficult to figure out what’s actually useful and worth downloading. I’ve tried out countless apps myself only to end up deleting them a month later; that potty break one would probably rank up there.

Although the below list is by no means exclusive to women, I do strongly believe these apps can add tremendous value to the lives of my fellow career ladies and hard working moms. I personally use these seven apps almost every single day.

This app is the holy grail of organizational effectiveness. I run multiple to do lists at once, write and share notes whenever I get semi brilliant ideas, and sync everything across all my devices. This app is like my very own personal assistant.

My mom’s going to laugh so hard when she reads this; she knows I’m not a fan of cooking. However, when I do muster up the courage to use my kitchen, this app is the one I go to for easy recipes and food videos. Recipe publishers include Bon Appetit, Gourmet, HarperCollins, with everyday people reviews and ratings. I love that it puts together a shopping list based on my recipe choices, and the coolest feature is that I can select the ingredients I already have in my kitchen and the app will suggest recipes based on the ingredients I already have.

For all us independent women, it’s important to learn how to organize our finances. Mint allows you to pull together investments, credit card bills, bank accounts, and expenses into one interface. I’ve also used Spending as I find it easier to use with one button for expenses and one for income, while producing neat reports that show me where my money goes every month.

This app is perfect for intelligent women on the go. Brush up on your literature by listening to countless audio books, and keep your mind sharp while commuting to work and running errands. I’ve “read” countless books while driving to work or working out on the elliptical.

If you travel frequently, this app will definitely keep you organized. Book your flight, hotel, car, and forward it all to TripIt; it’ll automatically update your agenda for you. Once it’s time to travel, you’ll have everything in one place. No need to search through an endless series of emails and messages!

I only recently discovered Snupps when I needed to purge through all my stuff. This app lets you upload images of all the stuff you want to get rid of, whether clothes, home decor items, whatever it is, and get organizing advice or tips on what to sell from other users on the app.

If you come across many interesting videos or articles but don’t have the time to read them on the spot like me, just save them into Pocket. Pretty much anything goes into Pocket. It’s like a virtual folder of things to take a look at later on. Love!


4 thoughts on “The best apps for busy women”

  • Great list! Some apps I never end up using and some are absolutely life changing. 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear some are life changing! 😊

  • Great article Dana. I am especially interested in Mint. Could you share a photo of the icon as there appear to be lots under that name.
    Unless Mint isn’t available on the Uk or Singapore App Store.
    Sounds like a great app though as do the others

    • Hi Lauren!!! Hope you’re well 🙂
      I checked and you’re right. Unfortunately Mint isn’t available yet in the UK App Store. I’m sorry! However honestly any personal finance manager app should do the trick. The interface just changes slightly so it all depends on which one suits your personal preference best 🙂

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