Five tips to help you fit fitness into your busy schedule

January 22, 2018

You’ve practically made it past January – how’s your resolution coming along? If you’re anything like me, you’re wishing you didn’t tell everybody you’d be getting in amazing shape this year because all you really want to do is curl up in bed in your pyjamas and sleep off those extra kilos you gained during the holiday season.

With a little bit of creativity though, it’s totally possible to stick to your resolution. It’s all about finding sneaky ways to keep yourself motivated. Trust me, I know how busy life can get, especially if you’re juggling kids, a family, and a career! The reality is that fitness should fit seamlessly into your life, it shouldn’t feel like a dreaded chore.

Here are some of my tips on fitting fitness into your schedule in 2018.

Make your workout super efficient

You only need three 30-45 min workouts per week. There’s no point in working out every single day for 90 minutes burning yourself out; instead make them high intensity with limited rest time. I’m a big advocate of Kayla Itsine’s 28min circuit sessions. Check her out on Instagram @kayla_itsines. The results are mind blowing.

Work out in the morning

Life tends to get in the way and unexpected plans pop up throughout the day. I personally absolutely hate thinking about my evening workout during the whole day! Get it out of the way by doing it first. I know it sounds awful that I’m suggesting to wake up even earlier but trust me, morning workouts changed my life. I started feeling more productive at work and even more energized. It’s no secret that some of the most successful people on earth work out in the morning.

Do your least favourite workout session first in the week

I personally hate legs and cardio day so I make sure to get them over with on Monday. Somehow it psychologically keeps me motivated for the rest of the week. No more dreaded legs day to get done! It provides an odd sense of accomplishment and kickstarts your workweek. Bonus points if you can get it done on Sunday!

Build a home gym

It’s amazing how easy it is to find time for a workout when you’re at home. A quick yoga session (YouTube is super helpful for that), a 30 minute circuit, a stretching session; even if it’s just a couple of weights and a mat, you’ll find yourself working out more often when you remove commuting from your fitness timetable.

Combine social activities with fitness activities

Instead of going out for your weekly happy hour drinks, why not suggest to your bff to go on a bike ride instead, or join a fun salsa class? Any way you can incorporate fitness into your social life is a big plus. Eating and drinking are not the only ways to socialize!

The point is to basically have fitness obstruct with your life as little as possible. It should instead fit naturally and easily into your life so it simply becomes a lifestyle change. Now go ahead and keep that resolution in 2018.


4 thoughts on “Five tips to help you fit fitness into your busy schedule”

  • You said it best! Now hopefully the slight motivation to workout I got from reading this won’t wear off by tomorrow Lol Keep it up x

    • So happy to hear it’s motivating you! 🙂 of course it won’t wear off! Just keep re-reading it if you need the motivation. Plus you look great to start with!

  • Very motivating Dana! Thank you!

    • So happy to hear that!!

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