How to keep your long-distance friendships alive

March 12, 2019

Having lived in 7 countries over the last decade (Canada, US, France, UK, Switzerland, UAE, Lebanon), I know firsthand how difficult it is to maintain your friendships once you’re ready to head off to the next adventure, and you’re faced with the difficult task of bidding your friends farewell. Conversely maybe your friend moved away for a great job opportunity, or simply a better life; regardless, you and your friends are now oceans apart.

No matter the circumstances, if your friendship is indeed genuine, there’s no reason for it not to work out.

In order to keep my long-distance friendships alive, I’ve personally found the following helps:


Don’t rely on social media

Sometimes you feel so close to your friend because you saw what she ate for lunch yesterday and you know the colour of her makeup palette (thanks to her video makeup tutorial);  yet that does not make for a meaningful relationship.

Nothing replaces picking up the phone to call that friend, or taking the time to write a thoughtful message.

Don’t rely on the group chat

I think I’m probably in 10 different group chats that involve some of my friends scattered all over the world. That tends to make you lazy. It’s okay to use the group chat once in a while, but it’s important to schedule one-on-one catch up time with each one of your friends.

Always make plans to see each other

Indeed this will require some smart scheduling; say you’re travelling to Italy for a wedding, hop over to Spain to see your childhood friend. (maybe I’m talking about myself here, hah) Even better, plan a trip together every few years if you’re really far apart. Include the hubby and kids and make it an all around family trip.

Just remember how amazing your friendship is

Long-distance friendship does take time and effort. Nobody ever said it’s easy. Then again nothing that’s worth it in life comes easy, right?

Remember especially why you’re putting in the effort. Recall all the times they’ve been there for you, and how brilliant and supportive they are. Reminisce about the good times! There’s a reason you became friends in the first place and it’ll take a lot more than a few train rides or a couple of oceans between you to change that.

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