Online Art Gallery Founder, Nour Chamoun

September 10, 2023

Welcome to another ‘Dana Meets’ episode, where I have the pleasure of engaging in a heartfelt conversation with Nour Chamoun, the founder of the wonderful Chamoun Gallery—an online art platform with a unique vision.

Nour’s dream was simple yet powerful: to make art an accessible part of our daily lives and to shine a spotlight on exceptionally talented artists. In this interview, we explore her journey, the challenges she’s faced, and the moments of clarity that have shaped her mission. Join me for this sincere and enlightening discussion about the transformative potential of art.

This conversation is a humble exploration of how art can touch our hearts and homes. It’s a glimpse into one person’s sincere commitment to sharing the beauty of artistic expression with the world. I hope you find this conversation as inspiring as I did!

Make sure to follow the gallery’s social media page and to check out the various collections on the website:



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