The three types of men you should never marry

June 12, 2015

Sure, nobody’s perfect. We all have flaws. But there’s a difference between a minor flaw and a serious personality problem.

We all dream of meeting Mr. Right (or Mrs. Right for my male readers), however I can’t comprehend how so many women settle for below par men for simple fear of never finding a husband. They’ll spend more time picking out a pair of shoes at Bloomingdales than deciding on the person they’re going to spend the rest of their life with! The rest of your life! Say you’re about 30 years old, that’s at least 50 to 60 years (if all goes well and barring any unforeseen illnesses or tragedies) with the same person! That’s HUGE!

In short, make sure you’re making the right decision for the right reasons. And especially make sure you don’t marry one of these three following men. My mother told me so, and so did her mother. And my mom’s right about pretty much everything.

Don’t marry:

A stingy man

Unfortunately, I have experience with stingy men. The ones who’ll take their time taking out their wallet when the bill arrives, and you can literally see the sweat on their forehead and palms as they have to part with their credit card to hand it to the waitress. That kinda stingy. Ok, I don’t expect a man to pay at all times, however, he should be generous by nature. You have to feel he’s a giving person deep down because that says a lot about how he’ll be as a husband and father to your children. If he counts every single penny, sure he might seem adorably savings conscious at first, but it’ll get tiring in the end. Again, you don’t want him throwing away his money every chance he gets. You want him to be generous, with you that is, and with those who matter in his life.

A gambling man

We all know that any sort of addiction is bad. But it’s sometimes hard to know whether someone has a gambling addiction or if it’s just something they enjoy once in a blue moon. I’ve dated gamblers, and thanks to them I now know how to play poker. But besides that, let me tell you that if a man would choose a poker game with the guys over a night out with you, there’s a bit of a problem. If he cancels plans to go gambling, there’s a serious problem. Sure, everyone enjoys a little bit of black jack when in Vegas. But it can turn dangerous when it runs in the guy’s blood. Many marriages are ruined due to a gambling man’s addiction and losing streaks. So don’t go there, and especially don’t think you can change him, because you won’t.

A womanizer

Everyone can certainly appreciate female beauty. Hell, I enjoy checking out hot women. But if you’re with a man who’s sole self validation depends on the attention he receives from the opposite sex, you’re in trouble. And don’t tell me you don’t notice his wandering eye. Ok, some men, very very few men, change once they fall madly in love with you. But for the most part, they don’t. Their wandering eye will keep wandering for the rest of your life and it’ll cause you many headaches and many heartaches. Unless he addresses his womanizing behavior through therapy or some form of help, it’ll just tire you so save yourself the trouble and don’t marry a womanizer.

I’ve been told there are many other men to watch out for. Hence I could make this list even longer. But the last thing I would want is to destroy someone’s belief in true love by reading this. I sincerely believe love does exist and wonderful marriages can be found all around. My Mr. Right will come along one day, probably not galloping on a white horse; but I know he most definitely won’t be a stingy, gambling womanizer.

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