Dating: The Tinder Craze

February 20, 2015

83b51c2df6b34e2df69d2315e5426d03Tinder. Boy, oh boy, oh boyssss…. If you’re married, or living under a rock, you may not have heard of Tinder. Otherwise, you’re probably on it.

Basically Tinder is a mobile app that allows you to swipe right if you like a guy’s picture, and swipe left if you’re not interested. Should you both have swiped right, you’re a match and the messaging begins, or not, depending if you swiped right by accident, or whether his opening line is a real disaster.

Yes, I’ve tried Tinder. Once, no twice…ok ok I think it was three times. I blame my cousin for introducing me to this odd concept of “online dating”. I used to think it was only for desperate people or those in search of a “good time”. Well turns out it’s not, at least not in Dubai. Yes, most individuals may be looking for a one night hook up, but some are searching for friendship, or possibly something more. I’m not a fan of those who criticize it, because let’s be fair, you can just as easily meet someone at a bar and only realize later on that they were looking for some good fun no strings attached. Online dating and real life dating are no different in that aspect.  I’ve criticized the app quite a bit myself, especially after meeting  my fair share of weirdos and magicians who dramatically disappear after a few dates. I then started hearing of success stories, such as my friend’s sister marrying a guy she met on Tinder, or some friends of mine being in serious relationships with individuals they met through the app. It led me to the conclusion that dating via Tinder isn’t far different from dating in real life. You’re in control of the situation and you just have to have a few rules and guidelines to abide by:

1- Pick good pictures: Just as in real life you wouldn’t go out to a bar looking like you just stepped out of bed, make sure your pictures reflect your “true” self, in the best manner possible of course.

2- Be a little picky with who you swipe right on. Not too picky, because you never know, they may look better in person. But don’t be too open minded either. Guys with too many selfies or ab shots are a no go.

3- Be direct about what you want. If you’re not looking for a hook up, make it clear. Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s time. Also be realistic, you may not find the love of your life on tinder but you may make some new cool friends.

4- Only give out your phone number once you’ve exchanged a few messages via the app so that you don’t end up with countless people to block on your phone. Basically make sure they are not a weirdo before handing out your number.

5- Don’t be afraid to meet in person. Don’t go on forever messaging and daydreaming about what this person may be like in person. If the chemistry seems good, meet for a coffee within the first week of talking. Don’t waste time. More often than not, the connection isn’t the same in person. But you may also be pleasantly surprised.

Happy Tindering!



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