Displaying your jewelry as art

February 20, 2015

My home is my sanctuary. It’s where I come to unwind, relax and find peace after a stressful day at work. Recently I focused my energy on organizing my jewelry. I have such an unimaginable amount of necklaces, bangles, earrings, and rings that it was impossible to remember what I own. Hence I decided to display my jewelry, not only to help me see what I have, but also because jewelry is a form of art and should be in plain sight for all to see, or even just for your own pretty eyes to see every day.

This is how I did it at home with the help of these beautiful jewelry display items from The One. At first my dog Jiggy wasn’t too happy with this strange mannequin sitting in my room and he spent a good five minutes barking at it.

imageI’m personally not a fan of those awful hangers for closets. If your jewelry isn’t pretty enough to be out there, you shouldn’t be holding on to it, let alone wearing it.

Whileย browsing through the many shops in Dubai and getting inspiration from friends and magazines, I’ve come up with simple yet creative ideas for displaying your jewelry:

  • Display items, such as what I did. You can look for very simple designs to extremely original ones. I particularly like the ones at The One in Mall of the Emirates.


  • Fabulous plates or bowls, especially old antique ones, are lovely for dropping rings or earrings.


  • Use aย wall frame to display jewelry; this makes it look like a portrait or piece of art on the wall. And there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars.



  • The simple yet useful jewelry box; this picture represents my own basic jewelry box at home. Certainly it doesn’t allow everything to be out there, but it does the trick for us ladies that like to hoard.




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