Why everyone should be in therapy, including you

May 23, 2015

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

There’s this hilarious misconception that people only go to therapy if they’re either depressed, going through anxiety, or struggling in their marriage. Or that maybe they don’t have any good friends to talk to, or even better, they just have way too much money and are running out of ideas on how to spend it. Or they may just be plain crazy, ouch.


I, on the other hand, strongly believe that therapy is a powerful tool that can help to grow as a human being, as a living breathing being of this beautiful world. I don’t understand how therapy can still be associated with such stigma in our advanced modern world. I strongly suspect this is the simple result of ignorance, and a deep fear that maybe, just maybe, they may need therapy themselves.

I’ll gladly admit that I’ve been to therapy myself, and it’s helped me blossom into a healthier and happier person. Most importantly, I’ve learnt to better deal with people and situations in life.

Why I strongly believe everyone should be in therapy, at one point or another:

1. You discover yourself.
Not the person you would like to become, but the person you truly are. Therapy offers you a way to put a mirror in front of your soul and see your actions for what they truly are, their motives and their meaning.

2. You purposely take the time to slow down in this fast pace world.
You put a stop watch on your life and reflect for an hour. Isn’t that if anything, a wonderful break?

3. You get to speak to someone who’s unbiased.
Not your friends who will try to sugar coat things in order to not hurt your feelings, not your parents that love you unconditionally. Friendship and every day relationships are a two way streak. People will try to help you out but unfortunately, as they are not professionals, they will do so based on their own experiences and circumstances. A therapist is not your friend and is trained to be unbiased in their guidance.

4. It makes you stronger.
It’s not easy to examine every single corner of your mind and discuss your thoughts and fears. It’s emotionally draining at times. That requires strength. Unlike what people may think, you’re not weak if you go to therapy, you’re actually probably stronger than most.

5. It’s an investment in your health and personal development. 
In case you weren’t aware, mental health is still your health. Without solid mental health, your physical wellbeing is compromised. As you would spend on a gym membership, or gym classes, or a personal trainer, therapy should be viewed in the same light, because it is, indeed, the same. Everything is interconnected; your mind and your body need each other to function properly.

6. You learn to take responsibility for your life.
Contrary to popular belief, a therapist doesn’t tell you what to do. They simply guide you in your self examination so that you may take an informed decision. So many of us blame the universe for all of life’s mishaps. Through therapy you realize the world is actually in your hands.

So next time someone mentions their therapist to you, don’t roll your eyes. Instead, nicely ask if you could have their contact details. It might change your life.

2 thoughts on “Why everyone should be in therapy, including you”

  • Amen to that, i strongly agree.. nothing is wrong with seeing a therapist. Enjoyed your post Dana muaaz

    • Nothing is wrong with therapy at all. I actually encourage it; hence my post

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