Why my thirties rock

May 19, 2015

I just celebrated yet another birthday. I’m not usually one to throw a party but this time I insisted on celebrating this milestone in my life. The age didn’t really matter. It was more about commemorating everything I’ve accomplished so far and how much I’ve grown as a person.

When I turned thirty people kept telling me “oh you’ll love your thirties!”. I thought it was some kind of hype or a line they used to simply make themselves feel better about growing older. But let me tell you, I’m genuinely loving my thirties and savoring every single day of this decade. Something has truly shifted within me; it’s unexplainable. Or maybe it is.

Why my thirties rock:

I feel a great deal more confident; like way, way, way more confident.
Not to say that I thought of myself as a helpless loser in my twenties. But I did tend to occasionally compare myself to others, and didn’t easily adapt to situations that felt out of my comfort zone. Now I honestly love my body and I definitely love my personality. And whoever doesn’t like it can just take a hike, to put it nicely.


I know how to treat myself.
Whether it be a spa day, or a few hours lounging by the pool, or getting my hair done. I know what makes me feel good and I do it, often.

I know how to live alone and actually enjoy it.
I’ve been living far from my parents’ home for almost 10 years now. It wasn’t easy at first. I didn’t know how to do my laundry, or take care of a house, and especially how to go home after a long day of work and sit in front of the TV, all alone. It felt lonely, and it was tough.
Now I genuinely enjoy entering my home to my excited dog’s jumps of joy, taking him out, and putting my feet up and relaxing on my couch, all alone.image

I’m finally following my dreams. Starting this blog was a dream. I’m not so attached to what society may think of my career choices or corporate title anymore.

I know when to end a relationship.
I don’t waste time going on dates with men that I know aren’t right for me. The same applies to wasted time with friends that only bring me down with their negative attitude or toxic nature. I know how to cut the fat out of my life.

I know which people and friends matter and which don’t.
I don’t kill myself to make everyone love me. It’s a “take it or leave it” kind of attitude. I especially know who honestly loves me and deserves my time, these people are precious, and so very rare.

I can buy things and travel the world. No more counting pennies and stealing hot milk from the next table in Paris to save 2 euros on the price of a coffee. I can travel the world and visit dreamland places, Asia, India, Europe. Wherever my heart desires. I can also buy pretty things. Who doesn’t like to buy pretty things?

I take care of my health more.
With age, I’ve realized my body isn’t as resilient as it used to be in my early twenties. I can’t go out drinking all night and expect to be fresh and pretty at 9am. Hence I nourish it better, I exercise, I take care of it. I plan on being healthy and still looking good for as long as I can.


I aspire to learn and discover things.
In my twenties I just wanted to experience the excitement of life. Now in my thirties I want to get something out of it that I can take away with me. A newfound knowledge, anything. Just like my trip to the ashram in India. I look for opportunities to better myself continuously.

I don’t care about what people think and say about me.  Believe or not, I actually enjoy people talking about me. I must be of some relevance for them to be talking!

“Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.”
– Georges Clemenceau

6 thoughts on “Why my thirties rock”

  • love love love what you said Dana. You know with years i learned that people don’t love you unless You love yourself. So out of experience i think you are on the right path there. Keep taking care and loving yourself.

    • That is so true. When people love themselves they naturally become more attractive to people. It’s not a goal in itself, but a great bonus I would say. You have to love yourself because your only true best friend in life is yourself thanks for always reading Rima!

  • I do Love ur posts!!! Love reading them!… Keep posting pls!.. I am from Brazil n I already recomended ur blog to some friends who I am sure will love to read as well!..



    • thank you so much Adriana!! I love that you enjoy reading my posts please keep reading! Thank you also for spreading the word Brazil is one of my favorite places in the world, I visited Rio and it was fabulous!! You Brazilians are amazing! xx

  • You rock beautiful girl, i am so proud of you and keep doing what your doing. Don’t ever change, i realized the same thing after my thirties and still discovering things more and more. Welcome to the club 😉

    • You rock miss positivity, miss sunshine! Not only am I learning so much in my thirties, but I’m also getting to know wonderful people, such as yourself and learning that I love things in their character that I should work on for myself. Thanks for that

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